IW- Ownership:

If you are interested in this breed and plan on adding a puppy to your family, please be aware that there are plenty of reasons NOT to move forward with your plan. Irish Wolfhounds are not for everyone, and while on paper “these fur babies are just perfect” (quote from a puppy inquiry), the reality looks quite different. One of the most important reasons to  possibly abandon your “dream of owning a wolfhound” (quote from a puppy inquiry) is the fact that even a single puppy purchased as a companion will cost you more in its lifetime than you ever imagined. If you already think the purchase price is too high for you, seriously consider another breed. Buying the puppy is about the cheapest part of wolfhound ownership. Why’s that?

The new puppy is, during the first months of life, a very delicate individual. It will take up most of your time as you will need to care for it, train it, and entertain it. How do you plan on doing this when you have human children to raise, work to attend etc? In addition, you will need a safely fenced yard suitable for a wolfhound to run and play in as an adult. We are not talking about a “dog run” here, rather a good chunk of property. If you have this amount of land/space, are you willing to invest in fencing materials and have a company put the fence up if you are unable to do it yourself? Furthermore, the baby wolfhound is a living and breathing food machine and will require large amounts of quality food – given the significant rise of pet food prices in the last few years, this will cost you a pretty penny and does not even include treats and supplements. If you run into growth related challenges with your puppy, then you will need access to expert vet care – which will rapidly put a huge hole in your wallet if you are not financially sound and/or have purchased pet insurance. Last, but not least, your puppy will need XXL-supplies – collars, toys, beds – the list of its needs is endless. Once mature, owning such a large hound comes with a significant lifestyle change. Your car may be too small, your boarding facility may not be equipped to house a dog of this size when you want to go in vacation, and your house for sure will not be as fancy as you may remember it. Think again: Are you really up for this?

For those wondering about the purchase price of a wolfhound puppy: Prices vary from region to region. Here in the Midwest, the typical range is between $ 2500 and $ 3500 for a companion puppy. If you buy from a reputable breeder, the purchase price will include all fees for liver shunt testing, age-appropriate vaccinations and wormers, microchip, registration application for the AKC, and a health certificate. Since these puppies are vet checked, they are considered “free from pre-existing conditions” when purchasing pet insurance, providing peace of mind when needed. Reputable breeders will also be there for you 24/7/365 – just a phone call away to answer your questions, provide recommendations, and be of general support throughout your hound’s life. While you may think that waiting for a well-bred puppy takes too long and/or you could get a cheaper one elsewhere, be assured that many backyard breeders charge similar prices but disappear from your life rather quickly. Once your money is taken, you are forgotten – so is your new puppy.

Our Puppies:

The way we live with our hounds automatically limits the number of litters we produce. Plus, we always want to keep at least one puppy for ourselves. Our puppies come from show quality breeding stock which exemplifies the breed standard and is deemed healthy as evidenced by appropriate test results for the health issues recommended by the Irish Wolfhound Club of America (IWCA). We have all our hounds tested for inherited eye disease and have cardiac ultrasounds performed in regular intervals to monitor cardiac performance throughout their lives. The purchase price for a Samsara Irish Wolfhound puppy is $ 3000 for a companion animal with limited AKC-registration. This means they are not sold as show and/or breeding stock.

Puppies are born inside our home and every week, get access to a larger section to meet their developmental needs. Depending on the weather, they begin to have outdoor time on their own puppy playground at around 5 weeks to explore their world. We allow visitors to come see the babies starting around 5 to 6 weeks of age to observe the litter and pre-identify the one(s) most suitable for their respective lifestyle. Final decisions will be made between 9 and 10 weeks of age, after the liver shunt results are in and we have settled on our keeper(s).

Our “ideal wolfhound home” has had a wolfhound before, or at least experience with a large, preferably giant breed. There should be plenty of space, ideally acreage  (minimum 1 acre) with a visible fence of at least 4 feet. We have a strong preference for either individuals or couples without children. We only select  homes with flexible work schedules where someone is home for the most part. Other animals are commonly fine, especially when purchasing a puppy, as wolfhounds make fast friends.

Please note that we do not place a puppy with a family with children between 0 and 18 years of age. While wolfhounds are fantastic with kids, experience taught us that, after the initial excitement, the puppy‘s needs come second. Even worse, he/she is being left behind as the children grow up and explore their world. Many families with children are so busy with shuttling services to activities, school work, and fulfilling their children’s wishes that there is no time left for the wolfhound anymore. While the adult wolfhound may adjust well to a new baby in the home, this is not what have in mind for our puppies.

Please know that we occasionally have an older puppy for sale (6 months & up), most frequently after the adult teeth come in, and after we have made our final decision about our keeper(s) from a particular litter. Should you be interested in such a started youngster (leash trained, housebroken, excellent manners, and well socialized) – either as a show potential in co-ownership or solely as a companion – please check back frequently and use the ‘Contact us‘ form.

Our next litter is planned for 2025. Serious inquiries from people who love the breed as much as we do and are able and willing to meet its needs outlined above are always welcome. 

For general inquiries and breed related questions, please use the ‚Contact us’ form on our website. If you are interested in a puppy, please complete the puppy questionnaire.