Am. Ch. Furlongs Saskia – “Eule” 

‘Eule’ is German and means ‘owl’ – and that’s what her face looked like when she was a puppy. Tall and leggy with impeccable, sound movement, she was our foundation bitch after a fresh start in the breed. Eule was the unchallenged “Queen of the Castle” as everyone who came after her was essentially raised under her paws. She never met a stranger, loved children, and was excited wherever we took her, including All Breed Shows and Specialties. She finished her championship easily, winning her first 5-point major at 18 months of age over several Specials. 

Since August of 2023, Eule has been spoiled by the Byron-family in Ohio where she grew into a huge baseball fan, regularly attending the boys’ practices and games, and where she lives the good life as a retired show champion with a couple of cats for company (if needed). The decision to part with her was a difficult one but as Eule grew older, we realized she may enjoy her own human family more than hanging out with canine friends. The pictures we receive on a regular basis are proof that we made the right decision for her.

Sire: SE Ch. Ascending‘s Byron

Dam: Furlongs Roxanne

Whelped: May 18, 2018

Breeder: Annica Gustavsson, Furlongs Irish Wolfhounds, Sweden

Height: 33.5 inches // Weight: 144 pounds (65.5 kg @ at 5.25 years of age)

Health Checks:

OFA-Clearance for Hips and Elbows (“no evidence of elbow and hip dysplasia were recognized”)

                                                                                                                              OFA Clearance for Eyes: Normal

OFA Clearance for Heart: Cardiac Ultrasound normal (9/25/2021; 1/14/2023)

(Enrolled in Life Time Cardiac Study of the Irish Wolfhound Foundation) 

Achievements: American Champion (as of 1/9/2022)


Pedigree of Furlongs Saskia

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: SE Ch. Ascending‘s Byron  SE Ch. Seplecur Bryn Simon Nicholas of Seplecur
Donaghmore Daisy of Seplecur
Royal Tramp‘s Queen Cordelia Royal Tramp‘s Sir Lionel
Rovaleco‘s Brisk Bessie
DAM: Furlongs Roxanne  Kerryarc Kote de Caza US Ch. Kerryarc Quo Vado
Kerryarc Kool Fish
Furlongs Maggie Mae SE Ch. Fey Faeton Av Gruagach
Nord NO Ch. Furlongs Zinnia