Am. Ch. Samsara Signature – “Gina”

When she was born, Gina got the orange collar and we called her “Orangina” -which is a soft drink in Germany. Obviously, this was way too long so we went with Gina. As she matured, we learned that there was nothing soft about her as she rules others, especially the boys and her sister Cindy, with iron paws. She is a powerhouse of a female with a lovely shape, beautiful head and expression, and excellent movement. She finished her championship in 4 shows with 3 successive 5-point majors, including a Hound Show weekend. She is devoted to Christiana and refuses to be shown by anyone else.

Sire: Pennybright Silas
Dam: Furlongs Saskia
Whelped: December 18, 2020

Height: 32 inches // Weight: 160 lbs (72 kg @ at 2.5 years of age)

        Health Checks:

OFA Clearance for Heart: Cardiac Ultrasound normal (1/14/2023)

(Enrolled in Life Time Cardiac Study of the Irish Wolfhound Foundation) 

Achievements: American Champion as of August 19, 2022

2022 IWCA National Specialty: 3rd Sweepstakes 15-18 months Females (Judge: Herbie Myer)

Winner‘s Bitch @ Ashtabula Kennel Club 2022 (Judge: Phred Wong)

Winner‘s Bitch, Best of Winner‘s, and Best of Breed 2022 (Judge: Denise Flaim)

Winner‘s Bitch @ Anderson Kennel Club 2022  (Judge: Dr. Judi Roller)


Pedigree of Samsara Signature

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Pennybright Silas  SE Ch. Pennybright Caliber SE Ch. Furlongs  Di Vito
Pennybright Macushla
SE Pennybright Poetica Kerryarc Fort Tejon
Pennybright Sequel
DAM: Furlongs Saskia  SE Ch. Ascending‘s Byron SE Ch. Seplecur Bryn
Royal Tramp‘s Queen Cordelia
Furlongs Roxanne Kerryarc Cote de Caza
Furlongs Maggie Mae