Am. Ch. Pennybright Sia “Sia”

Sia is the only one of our hounds without a nickname. Maybe we were not creative enough to come up with one, maybe ‘Sia’ says it all because it is short and sweet. Whatever the reason, she is a most typical hound with wonderful conformation. She was beautiful as a baby puppy and is just as beautiful as an adult. She finished her championship in 6 shows with 4 majors, never been out of the points. Her movement is impeccable as she just floats. Since she did not enjoy showing, we retired her in 2022. The only thing she enjoys even less than showing is eating – she is very generous in her (almost daily) food donations to others, forcing us to be creative to maintain her condition. Other than that, she is a happy girl who still takes care of her children Ely and Romy as if they were puppies. 

Sire:  SE Ch. Pennybright Caliber
Dam: SE Ch. Pennybright Poetica

Whelped: May 5, 2019

Breeder: Ylva Tallqvist, Pennybright Irish Wolfhounds, Sweden

Height: 32 inches // Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg @ 4.25 years of age)

Health Checks:

OFA Clearance for Heart: Cardiac Ultrasound normal (9/25/2021; 1/14/2023)

OFA Clearance for Eyes: Normal

Achievements: American Champion as of September 5, 2021

Sia came out of retirement for the IWCA National Specialty in 2024. She ended up among the 7 finalists and received an Award of Merit with an automatic qualification for Crufts. Quite an achievement for our non-showy girl, especially since she was the oldest one in the group.

Pedigree of Pennybright Sia

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

SE Ch. Pennybright Caliber 

SE Ch. Furlongs Di Vito Int. Ch. Driftcot Diablo
Furlongs Maggie Mae
Pennybright Macushla Furlongs Maxim
Pennybright Seachanta

SE Ch. Pennybright Poetica

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Kerryarc Foo Fighter
Pennybright Sequel Pennybright Lancelot
Witchesbroom Whimsy