Samsara Syndicate – “Cindy” 

Cindy is a tall, leggy girl with beautiful, sound movement – IF she wants to put her mind to it. She likes to test the waters to see whether she can get away with misbehaving – most often not but she keeps trying! She is the lowest ranked sister of the 3 we kept from Silas & Eule but has meanwhile accepted her place in the female hierarchy. However, with the arrival of Romy and Finchen she has been able to slowly climb the ladder – at least to a certain point. Cindy has matured nicely over the last year and is ready for new adventures.
In spring of 2024, she moved in with Pricilla and Rick close by to keep their boy Brody company, and to keep an eye on a spirited feline. So far, this match seems well made! 

Sire: Pennybright Silas
Dam: Furlongs Saskia
Whelped: December 18, 2020

Breeder: Samsara Irish Wolfhounds

Height: 33 inches // Weight: 155 lbs (70 kg @ 3 years of age)

Health Checks:

OFA Clearance for Heart: Cardiac Ultrasound normal (1/14/2023)

OFA Clearance for Hips and Elbows: „No evidence of elbow and hip dysplasia were recognized“ (2/22/2024)


2nd in Sweepstakes 15-18 months Females & 4th 12-18 months Bitches @ Irish Wolfhound Club of America National Specialty 2022 (Judges: Herbie Myer and William Potter II)

1st Novice Bitches @ Muncie Kennel Club 2022 (Judge: Dr. Judi Roller)

2nd Novice Bitches @ Irish Wolfhound Association of Garden State Specialty 2022 (Judge: Elizabeth Thornton)

Pedigree of Samsara Syndicate

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Pennybright Silas 

SE Pennybright Caliber Furlongs Di Vito
Pennybright Macushla
SE Pennybright Poetica Kerryarc Fort Tejon
Pennybright Sequel

Furlongs Saskia 

SE Ascending‘s Byron SE Ch. Seplecur Bryn
Royal Tramp‘s Queen Cordelia
Furlongs Roxanne Kerryarc Kote de Caza
Furlongs Maggie Mae