A breeding philosophy is a way of thinking. It consists of a set of ideals, standards, and beliefs.

Samsara Irish Wolfhounds believes in the following six components which guides each single breeding decision we make,  essentially helping us to preserve what the ideal Irish Wolfhound means to us:

Health: Like any other breed, the Irish Wolfhound is not without health problems. While we cannot guarantee that all our hounds will be healthy  until their last day, we are honest and transparent about the health issues in our lines and make breeding decisions to keep them at bay. We follow the recommendations of the IWCA by testing/screening for health issues commonly found in the breed.

Temperament:  The Irish Wolfhound is known as a “gentle giant” and has, as such, a legendary personality and reputation. Temperament is innate and not acquired. Hence, selection of hounds with proper and compatible temperaments is a key to any successful breeding operation, including ours.

Character: Unlike temperament, a dog’s character is developed by training, socialization, lifestyle, and individual experiences. We want our hounds to be loyal and affectionate, confident and outgoing, intelligent and patient with humans and other animals alike.

Livability: Livability is defined as a function of both temperament and character. What makes us proud are hounds that “fit right in” with their new families and are able to adjust timely and appropriately to new people, animals,  surroundings, and situations.

Structure: The Irish Wolfhound Breed Standard serves as the blueprint for how our hounds should look like. While there is no perfection, they should come as close as possible.

Ability: Our breeding program is dedicated to preserve the ability of the Irish Wolfhound as a magnificent hunting dog. While our hounds don’t chase and kill wolves anymore, they should display great functionality to be able to do so.