Samsara Square Root of Wonderful aka “Babe”


‘Babe’ was “the keeper” the second she was born and got her name right then and there. Never before were we so wrong with naming a puppy – ‘Dynamite’ would have been a much better fit. But ‘Babe’ stuck so here we are. As Finchen’s half-sister, she has big paws to fill. We are curious about her development.

Sire: Samsara Sacre Coeur
Dam: Am. Ch. Samsara Signature
Whelped: January 21, 2024

Height: // Weight: 81 lbs (37 kg @ 5 months of age)

Breeder: Samsara Irish Wolfhounds

Eye cert & hips info: Too young for health testing

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Pedigree of Samsara Square Root of Wonderful

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