Samsara Scenario –

‘Manny’ is a nick name in honor of Hermann Rorschach, a well-known Swiss psychiatrist who created the famous inkblot test. The white markings on his almost black coat at the time he was born made us wonder “What might this be?” As his coat changed, the markings stayed – so did his name. So far, Manny has been developing evenly, growing into a strong youngster with lot’s of size, bone, and overall substance. We love him dearly and are grateful that this feeling is mutual. 

Sire: Am. Ch. Dia Duit Slaine Tenor
Dam: Am. Ch. Samsara Signature
Whelped: April 22, 2023

Height: 33.75 inches  // Weight: 171 pounds (77 kg @ 10 months of age)

Breeder: Samsara Irish Wolfhounds

Eye cert & hips info: Too young for health testing


Manny is still a baby and has not been shown. If he fulfills his early promise, we will bring him out in 2024. Until then, his biggest achievement will be to have wrapped us around his big paws.

10 months old

Manny at 10 months of age


Pedigree of Samsara Scenario

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Am. Ch. Dia Duit Slaine Tenor

Am. Ch., Grand Ch. MBISS Shellane Pavarotti Sings for Slaine Am. Ch., NBISS Shellane Braniff
Am. Ch. , Grand Ch. Berwyck Shellane Provocatore
Am. Ch. Dia Duit Anna Aine Riverong Love to Burn
Maccaura Rionach of Dia Duit

Am. Ch. Samsara Signature

Am. Ch. Pennybright Silas SE CH Pennybright Caliber
SE CH Pennybright Poetica
Am. Ch. Furlongs Saskia SE CH Ascending’s Byron
Furlongs Roxanne