Samsara Scandal – “Hex Hex”

Sire: Pennybright Silas
Dam: Furlongs Saskia
Whelped: December 18, 2020

Height: 33 inches // Weight: 149 lbs

Health Checks:

OFA Clearance for Heart: Cardiac Ultrasound normal (1/14/2023)

(Enrolled in Life Time Cardiac Study of the Irish Wolfhound Foundation) 


Reserve Winners Bitch @ Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State Specialty 2022 (Judge: Elizabeth Thornton)

1st place Sweepstakes 15-18 months Females & 4th place Novice Bitches @ Irish Wolfhound Club of America National Specialty 2022  (Judges: Herbie Myer and William Potter)

Pedigree of Samsara Scandal

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Pennybright Silas  SE Ch. Pennybright Caliber SE Ch. Furlongs Di Vito
Pennybright Macushla
SE Ch. Pennybright Poetica Kerryarc Fort Tejon
Pennybright Sequel
DAM: Furlongs Saskia SE Ch. Ascending‘s Byron SE Ch. Seplecur Bryn
Royal Tramp‘s Queen Cordelia
Furlongs Roxanne Kerryarc Kote de Caza
Furlongs Maggie Mae