Am. Ch. Pennybright Sia “Sia”

Sire:  SE Ch. Pennybright Caliber
Dam: SE Ch. Pennybright Poetica

Whelped: May 5, 2019

Height: 32 inches // Weight: 154 lbs (4.25 years of age)

Health Checks:

OFA Clearance for Heart: Cardiac Ultrasound normal (9/25/2021; 1/14/2023)

(Enrolled in Life Time Cardiac Study of the Irish Wolfhound Foundation) 

Achievements: American Champion as of September 5, 2021


Pedigree of Pennybright Sia

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: SE Ch. Pennybright Caliber  SE Ch. Furlongs Di Vito Int. Ch. Driftcot Diablo
Furlongs Maggie Mae
Pennybright Macushla Furlongs Maxim
Pennybright Seachanta
DAM: SE Ch. Pennybright Poetica Kerryarc Fort Tejon Kerryarc Whiskey Revolution
Kerryarc Foo Fighter
Pennybright Sequel Pennybright Lancelot
Witchesbroom Whimsy