Samsara Signature – “Gina”

Sire: Pennybright Silas
Dam: Furlongs Saskia
Whelped: December 18, 2020

Height: 32 inches // Weight: 145 lbs

        Health Checks: EKG (normal)


2022 IWCA National Specialty: 3rd Sweepstakes 15-18 months Females (Judge: Herbie Myer)

2 5-Point Majors at the age of 18 months with a BOB over Specials at a Hound Show


Pedigree of Samsara Signature

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Pennybright Silas  SE Ch. Pennybright Caliber SE Ch. Furlongs  Di Vito
Pennybright Macushla
SE Pennybright Poetica Kerryarc Fort Tejon
Pennybright Sequel
DAM: Furlongs Saskia  SE Ch. Ascending‘s Byron SE Ch. Seplecur Bryn
Royal Tramp‘s Queen Cordelia
Furlongs Roxanne Kerryarc Cote de Caza
Furlongs Maggie Mae